Things to Do Before Entering Dubai’s Business World?

The new and innovative business ideas have found a great home in the United Arab Emirates which offers some of the best facilities to explore and make a huge difference. Many young and budding entrepreneurs have entered the states like Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the past many years and were able to write their own success stories in various new business ideas, which are in line with the local rulers’ preference to adopt innovation at a government level. However, making a company in the UAE is not as simple as it sounds, especially for someone who has never been to the region before. The company registration process may take long time and excessive documentation which breaks the confidence and patience of many entrepreneurs.


There are many ways that go a long way in getting your company registered with the local authorities in the shortest possible time.


  1. You do a great job if you do proper research about the type of business and company you want to set up in Dubai or any other state of the United Arab Emirates. The prior research will fetch you the information about what sells the most in Dubai and what are the best business and marketing practices in the region.
  2. The ownership proposition of the company in the UAE is something which has kept many of the foreigners in a dilemma. The confusion about this very aspect has turned back many of the promising start-ups over the years, therefore you must know how exactly you can have the best company in the region. In simple words, if you want to keep 100 percent ownership of your company, you should base it at one of the 45 free trade zones located across the UAE. However, if you’re fine with sharing 51 percent stakes with a local partner, you may start businesses like setting up a restaurant, retail store, or a grocery mart.
  3. You can’t start your business operations unless you have the business license in your hand. You may select from a professional, trading, and commercial types of business licenses.
  4. It is always beneficial for the foreign companies to have staff members who are well-accustomed of the local language. As a foreigner, it is highly unlikely that you speak the local language of Arabic. Therefore, hiring a local language’s native speaker allows you to pitch your business to the local investors and clients and also make your journey of entrepreneurship smoother and easier. Most of the local governmental organizations and departments operate in Arabic language and this is where hiring the local language speaking official will hand you the biggest advantage.