Apartment Hunting Tips and Hacks For Renters

Apartment hunting is a tedious task. Some apartment hunters took months and several house visits before they are able to find the perfect place to live in. With the demand for affordable apartment for rent in Mount Lebanon rises, it is becoming hard to renters to even get an appointment for home inspection and visits. Properties are sold or being leased in a second.

But don’t lose hope. If you are having a hard time looking for an apartment to rent, here are some house-hunting tips that can help you with your scouting prospects:

  1. Use your inner circle

When you are desperate to find a place, your connections can come in handy during these times. Go ask your relatives and close friends for referrals. They probably know few vacant spots in their area that you can check. You can also ask them several questions about the space and the neighborhood. This would give you an overview about the place before you pay it a visit.

  1. Use apps

Apps like Waze and Google Maps can be used not only for directions, but for house hunting as well. If you are doing some house hunting and looking for apartments for sale in Beirut, try to use these apps by checking out establishments that are offering vacant spots for renters and potential property buyers.

  1. Check listing sites

Listing sites have become less popular due to some issues encountered by buyers and renters. But do not discount these sites just yet. The secret to finding a good listing is to be cautious and vigilant on checking the properties. Most sellers would put their best foot forward when selling their properties. Be sure to check the items one-by-one to prove if it is true or not. Be sure to bring your checklist without so you can thoroughly check the spaces.

  1. Drive around the block

Sometimes, vacant spots are just around the corner. You may not notice these vacancies since the signs are not that noticeable when you are driving and looking straight at the road. But if you have some time, try to drive around your neighborhood and check out the streets for space vacancy.

  1. Do not discount photo-less listings

Some potential buyers are not very keen on checking listings without photos. But do not discount them. Try to check some photo-less listings near your area. Some of these properties might surprise you.